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I’m delighted to be joining the blog tour for the debut novel by Zoe Lee O’Farrell on my blog today, Ouija which is the second book in a new series published by Question Mark Press.

Ouija by [Zoé-Lee O'Farrell]


The only thing for certain is the deaths were no accident.

Rayner High School once a prestigious school stands in ruins after such a terrible event.

A year later, a group of friends return to the abandoned school and their nightmare begins.

Something wants to get out and won’t take NO for an answer…


Horror isn’t usually my go to genre, but when I started reading Ouija by Zoe Lee O’Farrell, I could not stop turning the pages.  Zoe has created an utterly gripping book with a terrifying atmosphere. The characters all came to life on the page, and I wanted to know what was going to happen to them.

I have always been fascinated by Ouija boards. Even though I don’t believe in the supernatural, the thought of trying to contact spirits beyond the grave using a Ouija board terrifies me. I don’t think it would be something I would ever be keen to try myself. It’s just that what if question that deters me from ever trying it. What if it did work?

The group of friends in Zoe’s book, decide to experiment with a Ouija board in an abandoned school. Zoe explores the friend’s relationships with each other very well and I thought this came through very strongly in their dialogue. A couple of them are very keen on their plan and they take the idea seriously, but there are some members of the group who are petrified of the thought. You get to know their thoughts and feelings about each other and there are some tensions between them throughout the book. Their idea though of a fun evening out trying to contact the dead, doesn’t exactly go quite to plan for them. Soon it becomes apparent that they have unleashed something evil. The place they have targeted to carry out their experiment also comes with its own horrific history. This adds to the tension as bad things start to happen to the group. I loved the depth it gave to the setting. There are also some creepy dolls in this book, and this adds to the tense, claustrophobic atmosphere.

Ouija is a very quick read and I think it would be perfect if you are looking for something chilling to read on Halloween. Although, it may keep you awake if you start reading late at night. This is the kind of book that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It still gives me chills thinking about it, even after I’ve read it.

This is a very accomplished debut and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is very dark and very entertaining. I can’t wait to read what Zoe comes up with next. Ouija will send shivers down your spine.

Publisher: Question Mark Press

Publication date: 30th August 2021

Print length: 154 pages

Ouija is available to buy:

Amazon UK


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  2. Great review! I actually really like horror when I am in the mood for it but it is very rare a book actually scares me. This one sounds cool! x


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